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Departmental Test

Departmental tests are examinations held for all the public sector employees who seek to occupy a higher position than what they currently hold. In simpler terms, it is a promotional test which one must qualify to move forward in their respective departments. An example of one such test is the Judicial Test conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission for the aspiring individuals in the sector of law.

RM. QUEST gives specialized training on how to attend the departmental tests conducted by the government of Kerala which enables you to qualify for these higher positions in the public service sector. We are unique in our services as this coaching is for employees of the Government of Kerala who wants to take a step forward in their services to the state by giving them a push towards their dreams.

We guide you through all the procedures from the application for the test until the date of the examination. We will not only be training you but will be giving a comprehensive evaluation of each of the tests, tips on how to attempt it, guidelines to follow while attempting it and the details around the test. Our method is to improve the knowledge you already hold by moulding the skills you already possess.

We will be with you from the first of training till the day of the examination. Our team will have your back and support you throughout by customizing our training modules in a way that will benefit you.

RM. QUEST is your perfect examination partner!