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OET Training in Trivandrum

OET or the Occupational English Test is test to determine the English proficiency of an individual who is a professional in the medical and healthcare industry, looking to migrate for employment to countries such as Australia, UK, Singapore and New Zealand and so on. The test assesses the capability of the candidate to practice in a country whose native language is English. It’s accepted over eight countries and more than a 100 organizations.

OET is unique in its assessment as they use real scenarios that take place in the healthcare sector to determine the candidate’s response and ability to handle the situation.

If seek a career in the healthcare sector in a country outside India, RM. QUEST will help you make the milestone to qualify the OET. We will prepare you to attempt the test with success.

The test consists of the individual assessment of the four language skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing. The listening test is split into two parts which will be conducted over the duration of 20 to 25 minutes.

The reading test will consist of comprehensive passages with MCQ over the duration of an hour. The writing test will most probably be to write and construct different types of letters in about 45 minutes.

The speaking test will be a role play between you and the invigilator to assess your language proficiency which will happen over the course of 20 minutes.

RM. QUEST offers lessons from experienced faculty and test material for each section of the OET. The materials are structured in such a way that it consists of actual scenarios that happen in the healthcare sector. This will prepare the candidates to know what to expect in the test. They will be more confident and fully prepared for the assessment. Our team will ensure of this through their constant training and assessment.

RM. QUEST prioritizes your dreams and works diligently to make them come true.