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Soft Skills Training in Trivandrum

RM. QUEST in our venture has found that preparing individuals to just attempt examinations are not enough. We realized that it was absolutely essential to enhance the character of the individual along with the skills he/she possessed. We decided to structure modules for programs that each individual would need in life beginning with Soft Skill Training.

Soft skills are traits that are necessary in an individual if he/she aims to survive and thrive in the corporate world we live in today.

Soft Skills include:

  • People Skills: That is, the ability to communicate, understand and empathize; the ability to talk and interact with others (strangers) respectfully; the ability to develop professional relationships with the aim of maximum productivity with minimal conflicts and the ability to give an aura of sincerity and authenticity which builds trust, which implies a pleasant demeanor that lacks impulsive decisions and actions.
  • Social Skills: This focus mainly on interpersonal communication and relation skills which are mainly the ability to persuade, the discipline of active listening, the capability for delegation, and the ability to efficiently plan and manage the resources which are available.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to communicate professionally and effectively, through verbal communication as well as body language to avoid misunderstandings.

Other factors that come under soft skills are personality traits, professional attitude, career attributes, social intelligence- the ability to know yourself and understand others, and emotional intelligence.

We, at RM. QUEST, after years of research, have found the best faculty to give you a complete and thorough training covering all the soft skills necessary to prepare you for the world of opportunity that awaits you.

RM. QUEST will lead you to your dreams.