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TOEFL Training in Trivandrum

TOFEL or Test for English as a Foreign Language is one of the two major English proficiency tests in the world! It is only second to IELTS. The test is standardized to assess the mastery of the English language by a non-native individual who wishes to gain admission into an English speaking university.

The test can be divided into two segments, each testing two of the language skills. Reading skill would be tested first with the comprehension of 3 to 4 passages which raise 12 to 14 questions. The test needs to be complete within 60 to 80 minutes.

The test for listening comes next. It is tested with 6 to 9 passages containing about 4 to 5 questions. The test course would be around 60 to 90 minutes. After the listening test, there will be a mandatory break concluding the first segment of the TOEFL.

The second segment consists of the assessment for speaking and writing skill. The speaking test would consist of 6 tasks which have to be completed within 20 minutes.

Following the speaking test is the writing test. There will be around 2 written tasks which you’ll have to complete in 50 minutes.

The feature that sets TOEFL apart is that it conducts online as well as offline assessment.

We at RM. QUEST will be giving you a thorough training that will cover everything you need to know to ace the TOEFL. We have phenomenal faculties who will be working with you, every day, to overcome any difficulties you may face; while customizing our modules to suit you.

RM. QUEST believes language is power and we are here to empower you.